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Bead Rings

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out my Jangle size?

Circumference Method

Tools required: Tape measurer or a piece of string and ruler

Step 1: Prepare

Step 2: Measure

Use a measuring tape to measure the widest part of the hand.

Step 3: Find your size

Using the table below find your corresponding bangle size.

  • To accurately measure your jade bangle size you must hold your fingers tightly together. Having a second person doing the measurement with the measuring tape would be helpful.

  • For a looser fitting you may add 1 - 5mm to the jade bangle size based on personal preference.

  • When choosing preferred jade bangle size, individuals should take into consideration body build, bone structure, flexibility, medical conditions, and personal preferences etc. As these may result in size differences when choosing the perfect fitting for a Jangle.

What’s the best way to take care of my Jangle?

Natural Jangles do not require much attention if any at all. You can wear them in the shower, at the pool and expose them directly under the sun. Jadeite is a durable mineral and measures 6.5 - 7 on Moh’s Hardness scale. Since there are other minerals out there that are harder than Jadeite and some care should be taken to avoid scratches.

Can I have my order gift-wrapped?

Yes, gift wrappings are available upon requests.

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